Roles: –

As Technician of Regen Plant. Responsible for Regen Plant day to day operations & production to meeting the quality standard, schedule & cost effectiveness target

o    Regen Plant includes Cat & An resin regent system (Work Stations), RO membrane cleaning system, waste water treatment system, RODI system, bulk chemical system and area that related to systems above

o    This include but not limited to system monitoring and maintenance, troubleshooting and minor piping & equipment repairing job



Responsibilities: –

To carry out day to day job properly according to Standard Operating Procedure or superior instruction

o    To read & understand all the Standard Operating Procedure for regen plant

o    To perform resins regeneration task by following SOP and ensure product is meeting the required quality & standards

o    To report to superior in case that the product is not meeting required quality & standards

o    To perform necessary job task effectively (meeting quality & agreed time line)

o    To ensure proper records for column, RO membrane by fully utilized Barcode system

o    To update system daily monitoring checklist to ensure all system operate in good condition and inform superior on any abnormality

o    To carry out Preventive Maintenance (PM) job as and when required

o    To carry out good housekeeping

o    To suggest to superior for parts, plant or system improvement and the best practices, if any

o    By all mean, to avoid wasting resources (Water, Energy, Time) & materials (Resin, Chemical) when preforming task.

o    Recording daily activity on logbook / communication book.

o    To carry out minor repair on equipment / piping

o    Assisting superior / engineer in job assigned



Minimum SPM qualification / Fresh graduate / 1 year experience

–        Basic technical / hands-on skill

–        Basic computer skill

–        Able to write daily reports



–        Able to work on shift basis

–        Able to work in labour intensive environment

–        Good team player

–        Able to work independently with minimal supervision

–        Disciplined

–        Responsible


Salary Range: RM 1500 – 2500

Work Location: Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

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