Roles: Representing VWT Service & Operations Dept. to provide service at customer site

o   Services include but not limited to technical advise, system monitoring and maintenance, troubleshooting, piping & repairing job

o   To plan & arrange resources for manpower (subordinate & contractor ), tools, materials & schedule to carry out job task assigned


–          To be responsible to ensure subordinate follow company & customer safety rules & requirement.

o   To assign own self or one of the staff to be H&S representative

o   To clearly define all the PPE required during work at site / treatment plant

o   To ensure all staffs who works in the treatment plant wear PPE all the time

o   To ensure all VWT sub-contractor who works in the treatment plant wear PPE at all time

o   To report any safety incident to management immediately

–          To be responsible to ensure the service team provide proper service to customer according to Service Contract Agreement

o   To read & understand all the content, scope of supply, obligations in the contract

o   To ensure meeting the required KPI and/or standards

o   To report to management immediately in case that the team is not meeting the KPI and/or standards

–          To manage subordinate in the plant

o   To ensure subordinate follow company & customer rules & practices

o   To follow VWT “Service Operations Golden Rules” as a basic code of practice for the team

o   To lead & manage subordinate to perform necessary job task effectively (meeting quality, agreed time line & within budgeted cost)

o   To ensure good & effective communication among the team

o   To arrange internal group meeting timely (according to agreed date line with Superior).

–          To ensure system operate in good conditions

o    To ensure all data/info recorded in the monitoring checklist accordingly & timely

o   To prepare Preventive Maintenance (PM) planning & execution

o    To analyzing all data collected in the monitoring checklist

o   To carry out daily job task planning

o   To ensure good housekeeping

o   To advise customer for parts, plant or system improvement and the best practices.

–          To troubleshoot system or arrange vendor to troubleshoot system

o   Fast respond to troubleshoot system abnormality

–          To report & advice customer on system abnormality

o   To inform & advise customer for parts, plant or system abnormality and suggest actions or the best practices to customer.

–          To prepare Service /System Performance Report to customer & arrange meeting with customer

o   To submit the report timely (according to agreed date line) to customer

o   To call meeting (according to agreed date line) to discuss on report, AR & issue arise

–          To ensure Job order / work order completed with Service Report & necessary document

–          To carry out “On Job Training” to technician at side and when necessary

–          To carry out task assigned by superior / HOD as and when required