1.      To perform all activities relating to Property Management and inspection of property which include:


(a)                Administration involves the various aspects of a particular property and the filing and tracking of all the various aspects.  All related and relevant correspondence has to be properly filed.

(b)               Agreements have to be current and updated as necessary and renewed as necessary. Of importance, is the period, deposits, rent collectable, services’ deposits and payments there of by tenants.

(c)                Rentals have to be collected on time and as due.  Action has to be taken if there is any delay for any particular reason as overdue rentals are the first indication of lapse and could lead to problems.

(d)               Expiry dates of agreements are important as these indicate renewals of tenancy, extensions required or seeking for new tenants.

(e)                Maintenance of properties shall be on time we have a standard procedure which requires at least 2 quotations before any works are done and these have to be duly authorized before works are carried out.

(f)                Compliance with Government Statutory requirements such as IWK, Bomba, DBKL, DBPJ, etc and submission of the necessary monthly returns and obtaining of the annual certificates required.

(g)                Returns and Reports: Submission of bi weekly and monthly reports to management as required inclusive of the monthly reports of rentals received and outstanding for use by the management.

(h)               Market Conditions:  Be aware at all times of market fluctuations which could affect the income of a property.

2.      To liaise with appointed consultants, local authorities on submission of plans, obtaining licenses, permits etc. and any other agreements for the development of properties.

3.      To be responsible for end-to-end database management, document creation and tracking, as well as lodging and monitoring of third party services.

4.      To schedule routine and supervise maintenance activities include corrective and preventive maintenance, operations, repair, upgrading and improvement works.

5.      To assist in daily operations and ensure technicians/contractors complete jobs in a timely and efficient manner.

6.      To maintain good communication with technicians, suppliers and contractors to resolve equipment problems and maintenance issues.

7.      To perform site visits and monitor project development.