The job duties can be performed remotely from a central location, in the customer’s work environment, or in a combination of the two.

To support computer set-up, installation, troubleshooting, service, upgrades, and maintenance. The position can also include handling how computers connect to each other or the rest of the network; printing, both locally and on the network; and auxiliary devices such as tablets, PDAs, and smartphones.

Maintain and troubleshoot devices and systems, hardware, and software.

Document system performance, bugs, debugging, and program requirements.

Follow maintenance protocols to ensure systems are secure and ready for users.

Lead design and deployment of servers, directories, wireless, backups, and personal devices.



The IT support must be knowledgeable in all aspects of computer support, diligent, and analytical; they also must possess outstanding communication skills. The IT support specialist is not only a technical worker but often deals directly with the customer, offering advice, training, solutions, and guidance.

At least possess a Diploma in Computer Science, but previous experience, a one or two year college degree, and/or technical certifications can also be considered.