A.   Service
1.            To ensure entire service team completes all monthly services.

State of service completion of 100%

2.            To maintain accurate records of all service vehicles in the branch in relation to:

a.         Renewal of road tax            and Puspakom inspections

b.         Maintenance of service vehicles

c.         Repair costs

d.         Fuel usage

e.            Driver logs

f.             Service tools and safety equipment register

3.            To manage & control the Branch’s fleet of service vehicles in a cost effective manner, and without compromising on safety

4.            Ensure all new businesses and installations are completed within 5 working days from the date of service agreement/job confirmation

5.            Ensure each service team is route-ridden once every 3 months

6.            Plans, organizes and prioritizes workload effectively.

7.            To ensure a general compliance of work procedures in all hygiene services     undertaken in the area to the guidelines stated in the company’s manuals and instructions



B.   Stocks
1.            To monitor proper stock issuance and returns on weekly basis for all service teams

2.            To ensure that the service equipment, drills, service tools and safety equipment used is appropriate and in good condition and sufficient quantity to support the branch service obligations

3.            To attend monthly stock take and regular vehicle stock audit

4.            To conduct monthly service & warehouse meeting

5.            Supports in ensuring the store in the branch is being managed and controlled efficiently (inclusive of used EFR)



C.   Administration
1.            Ensure that all required stock return, reports and e-claims to the Head Office are prepared accurately, and dispatched promptly

2.            To conduct formal weekly and monthly meetings with supervisors and technicians. Monthly meeting minutes are required for all meetings

3.            To provide the Branch Operations Manager with status reports on a weekly basis covering:

a.         Performance results

b.         Complaints



D.   Staff Recruitment, Welfare & Development
1.            Recruit (subject to prior approval from the Branch Manager/Branch Operations Manager) for Service Technicians/Service Lady

2.            Induct, train and manage service staff effectively

3.            Maintain a high level of morale amongst service staff

4.            Ensure that all staff has full understanding of the Company’s objectives and policies



Quality Assurance & Training
1.            Service training: To organize induction program for new technicians, maintain training records, to coordinate and participate as trainer for refresher training for service technicians and new staffs recruitment for all departments. Ensure a high level of competence in the required skills amongst service staff by providing continuing training and practical assistance & guidance in the field

2.            QA: To coordinate regular QC and to follow-up with specific client complaints where required. Develop good customer relationships through being knowledgeable about your work, and taking ownership of service problems

3.            OCS 224: Ensure that all customer complaints (callouts) are attended to within 24 hours without further escalation

4.            Supervisors Audits: Ensure that Service Supervisors duties are audited monthly

5.            Technicians Audits/TPA Assessment: Ensure each Service Technician is audited according to company requirement

6.            Service Audits: To carry out regular service audits of branches in all service area

7.            Supervisors KPI: To ensure all supervisors meet their monthly KPI






E.   Health & Safety

The Service Manager is responsible for implementing the arrangements detailed in the health and safety management system and the safe systems of work.

Specifically the Service Manager will:
To understand and be aware of the requirement of Occupational Safety & Health Act 1994 to ensure that all staff for whom you are responsible are equally aware of the Act and its requirements.
To ensure that all chemicals are handled, stored and applied with due regard to the safety standards laid down within the Company, and that staff are never exposed to untoward risk in the course of their work
To ensure that all service vehicles are roadworthy & safe through monthly inspections
To constantly lead by example, Good & Safe Working Practices within the Branch.
Provide adequate supervision to all employees so that they work safely and without risk to health.
Carry out regular checks on the work of each employee reporting to them to ensure that work is carried out safely and in accordance with safe systems of work;
Remedy any deficiencies identified following audits/inspections;
Provide information, instruction and training to all employees so that they are competent to undertake their work safely;
Issue written work instructions for each work activity which specifies the appropriate safe system of work to be followed and any control measures identified from site-specific risk assessments;
Monitor the work of contractors so that they work safely and without risk to health and in accordance with the agreed safe systems of work.
Join monthly SHE review meeting conducted by BM/BOM
F.    Care of Company Assets
1.            To ensure the proper use, maintenance and security of the Company’s premises, company vehicles, service equipment, stock of chemicals, hardware, monies and other properties of the Branch.


1.            Sales team relationship: Maintain friendly and co-operative relations with the sales team by providing sales leads, and other useful feedback from the customer

2.            Sales support: Support the sales team in achieving the sales targets for the branch. This includes assistance in special surveys and sales presentations where required

3.            Self-improvement: To constantly improve his/her knowledge of hygiene management by private study, membership of associations and attendance at courses, and also by the study of technical literature provided by the Company, and through practical experience in the field


4.            Agent of best practice: In all your actions, to promote the best working practices of this company and to transmit these practices in your role of overseeing the branch to your supervisors/coordinators.



You may not without prior permission:


1.            Appoint / promote or dismiss any staff of your branch.

2.            Alter the terms of service.

3.            Agree to undertake any installation or service other than those laid down in the Handbook of the Company’s Standing Instructions.

4.            Sell any Company equipment, or give away Company services

5.            Offer or accept any warranties or gratuities other than those contained in the Company’s Standing Instructions.


A minimum of Diploma or equivalent.
Strong leadership skills, with planning, organising and problem-solving ability.
Able to work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment
A minimum of 5 years of service experience prior to assuming the job.
A thorough working knowledge of the Service Control Manual
Familiarity with:
a.         Servicemen’s Manual                 b.         Guide to Access Equipment

c.         Employee Handbook (Jul 2000) d.         Employment Act 1955

e.         OSHA 1994


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