Job Responsibility

·         To operate and monitor the overall operation of the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) as in accordance with work instructions, ISO standard and statutory requirements

·         To carry out routine housekeeping of the WWTP.

·         To ensure continuous good control and active condition of biological slurry by desludging and monitoring of MLSS.

·         To ensure biological mass is in active condition via consistent provision of urea, re-supplying and checking the bacteria populations.

·         To prepare polymer solution daily as per standard requirement and instructions.

·         To operate filter press every shift in order to ensure consistent treated water quality.

·         To ensure proper packaging, handling, storage and transportation of WWT sludge as per statutory requirement.

·         To ensure proper packaging, handling, storage and transportation of schedule waste

·         To update and monitor the stocks inventory of raw materials use in WWTP.

·         To conduct periodic inspection on equipment, maintenance and report to EHS Exec or maintenance personnel if there are potential defects in the equipment or operation.

·         To ensure, monitor and report the plant conditions every hourly in the WWT daily logsheet. To monitor and report the pH conditions of the incoming waste water every hourly.

·         To trouble shoot problems arises in the WWTP and to consult EHS Exec as and when necessary.

·         To monitor and report the final water discharge is within the specification of Standard B Environmental (Industrial Effluent) and Ph between, 5.5 to 9.0.

·         To monitor and implement the pollution control system that is currently in place.

·         To carry out specific task assigned by the EHS Exec as and when required.

·         To assists the EHS Exec with tasks assigned relating to security as and when required.

·         To conduct Effluent/Water analysis / lab analysis as require.

·         To become member of Environment Performance Monitoring Committee (EPMC)

Job Requirements

·         Education: Minimum SPM qualification

·         Working Experience: 1 — 2 years working experience in the plant dealing with waste water treatment.

·         Ability to work on shift if required