JOB TITLE                               :               APPLIED SALES ENGINEER

REPORTS TO                          :               SALES MANAGER


EXPERIENCE                           :               2-5 YEARS TECHNICAL SALES EXPERIENCE



-Provides knowledge and consultation in the form of developing HVAC system related solutions for the customer’s problems, including financial and performance-based considerations
-Utilizes account management process to identify key customers and to develop specific action plans to grow identified accounts.
-Identifies potential opportunities with existing and new customers.
-Converts leads into opportunities by assigning the appropriate sales process, identifying the required project team members, making assignments, and communicating the next steps in the process.
-Develops relationships with multiple buying influences in the customer’s organization, including project managers, project engineers, construction, purchasing, and accounts payable.
-Gathers and validates preliminary information and performs facility walk through, construction plan review or other requirements.
-Determines project needs, constraints, and responsibilities to meet all of the customer’s HVAC system design and installation requirements.
-Develops, evaluates, and discusses possible solutions with customer.
-Develops preliminary project fulfillment schedule.
-Responsible for project take-off, selection, pricing, and integration of equipment, controls, and services.
-Responsible for the preparation and review of the proposal.
-Validates the preliminary proposal with customer.
-Determines proposal price and selling strategy.
-Reviews and compares contract terms and conditions with Trane contract standards.
-Presents the proposal and negotiates price, terms, and conditions with customer.
-Follows up with buying influences.
-Prepares transition documents and communicates project readiness for assignment to operations team.
-Resolves major deviations from scope with team after Project Scope Validation.
-Determines needs, develops and executes an account specific business plan to identify the long term, mutual support requirements required to facilitate a strong, profitable and successful partnership.
-Provides total account business activity reports and annual forecasts
-Consistently ascertains customer needs and current market opportunities.
-Assembles, coordinates and interacts with sales team as needed for customer penetration and project acquisition.
-Estimates project by analyzing and integrating equipment, controls, subcontractors, and services for each project using Trane business systems.
-Regularly update Market Coverage System on found/bid/win jobs
-Learning agility, strong communication skills at all levels, disciplined, result oriented and integrity are critical competencies and values required.