Job Responsibilities:

A. Monthly

  1. Check the AP invoices received and ensure relevant supporting is attached.
    any new vendor/changes of particulars vendor, must be reviewed and approval given by GM through Vendor creaton or Vendor amendment form
  2. Review the PVs prepared by Admin exec, with 3 ways match, submit for PVs signs to GM , then send over to  Finance
    -For admin matters-, Review and approve before GM of the Quotation, PR, Invoice
    -For project matters-, Review ensure requestor, project manager, project director and -GM signs of the Quotation, PR, PO, Invoice , before payment is done
    -The invoices must be stamped ‘paid’ once the signed cheques to the PVs are all -received from Singapore
  3. 1st week Urgent PVs – Kastam GST output payment
  4. Prepare the permanent staff payroll PVs – using the Quickpay payroll
  5. Review and sign-off to ensure the validated of the MRT allowance forms and forward to Admin exec back to give to HR for the payroll process
    Also prepare the list of cost centers of the employees to respective project and work out for the entries into the system
    Prepare the outsource staff payroll PVs- cut off on 13th every month from HR
  6. Also prepare the list of cost centers of the employees to respective project and work out for the entries into the system
  7. Prepare the monthly project accounting budget for the month
  8. Upkeep the documents of the company
  9. Print out the bank statement and prepare the bank recon
  10. Issue the sales invoice after getting the instruction and approval from project team with supporting document
    Credit proposal form, customer screening form must be filled in and reviewed initially, and annually
  11. Prepare journal entries with working and supporting proof
  12. Vendor recon preparation
  13. Monitor the cash book while review and preparation PVs
  14. Prepare cash flow forecast monthly basis by projects
  15. Undertake reporting and tracking of Project Procurement
  16. Supervise and undertake inventory management of project spares

B. Ad-hoc

  1. Liaise parties
    Liaise with company secretary
    Liaise with Tax KPMG – about the estimation tax payable Jun, Sep, Dec
    Liaise with Tax KPMG – about the submission tax payable actual Jun
  2. Liaise with Audit KPMG – about the audit engaged in Nov-Jan , prepare the audit report and review with GM before passing to HQ for 2nd review,June submission
  3. Liaise with HQ / Income tax – about the country to country report – done before due by 31 Dec 18 -, could be anytime later once announced by Govt
  4. Liaise with Income tax – about the submisison of form E of the company remuneration of employees by 31 Mar
  5. Liaise with Maybanks, and other related banks
  6. Liaise with Landlord office – Gemilang Sekitar
  7. Liaise with Kastam GST – about the submisison GST monthly and payment to Kastam GST
  8. Liaise  about the outsource staff matters

Travel Advance

  • Ensure the travel application form is completely signed. Check the DOSA policy entitlements for hotel allowance and meal allowance and plus the estimated airfare in total 70% then quickly get HR for issue the cash travel advance to deposit into the accounts
  • Overlook the HR and payroll matters
  • work with Admin exec – to follow up with leaves entitlements, travel advance,staff claims, requisition and renewal staff, staff resignation
  • Admin exec – responsible totally for staff outsource and lock up for the staff detail
  • FM – responsible totally for permanent staff and lock up for the staff detail
  • incharge New  staff joiner – EPF Register, PCB Register and notification (CP22)
  • incharge Resign  staff  – PCB notifciation (CP22A)
  • process the payroll and submit the monthly report to HQ (May Cheah)
  • Ensure any new joiner on outsource staff, must be given all the supporting documents by the Crestjob, eg. Insurance coverage,acknowledgement of the ins coverage staff to the AIA, particulars, resume, staff requisition

 Job Requirements:

•          Candidate must posses at least degree in Accounting/Finance, partial ACCA or Professional Certificate.

•          Min 3 to 5 yrs of working experience.

•          Must be able to speak in English and Bahasa Malaysia.

Applicants who are interested may send your updated resume to hueihuei@crestforce.net