Job Responsibilities for Maintenance Manager

1) To develop equipment and machineries
maintenance procedures and to ensure its
implementation eg. Cleaning Check List, Equipments
Maintenance Schedule, etc.

2) To carry out inspections of the facilities to
identify and resolve issues eg. SOP of breakdowns
default, trouble shooting, etc.

3) To coordinate, inspect and maintain pest
control, housekeeping, electrical and mechanical,
plumbing and other related maintenance of hardware
systems in all Berry’s Group of Companies and it’s
subsidiaries to ensure functionality.

4) To coordinate general repairs such as carpenter
works, painting and building structures, upkeep of
outlet surrounding areas, etc.

5) To plan and oversee all repair, maintenance,
installation activities, etc.

6) To monitor all equipment and machineries
inventories, movements and maintain Repair and
Maintenance Log Book. This includes matching
companies fixed assets listing to the existing
equipments and machineries in the outlets.

7) To monitor expenses and control budget for
repair and maintenance.

8) To maintain good working relationships with
contractors and service providers.

9) To coordinate with third party cleaning agents to
ensure smooth cleaning services provided to all
Berry’s Group of Companies and its subsidiaries.

10) To ensure all Health and Safety policies are

11) To ensure outlet staff receives safety training
and aware of all safety practices and procedures.

12) To check and follow-up all repair works
performed in outlets before payment to contractors
and service providers.

13) To coordinate renovations of existing facilities
and the construction of new facilities.

14) To submit weekly Duty Roster for approval.

15) To report on the status/progress of all repairs
and maintenance.

16) Any other ad-hocks tasks that may be assigned
to you from time to time.