loading and unloading goods from delivery vans or lorries
checking that the correct quantity and type of goods have been received
recording any damaged, missing or faulty goods
signing the delivery form, once satisfied that the goods are complete
moving the goods to the correct area in the warehouse, either manually or using mechanical handling equipment
labelling goods

allocating storage space to goods
relocating and re-stacking goods to make space for a new delivery
keeping records (often computerised) of goods, their location and quantity
re-ordering if stock levels fall too low

picking goods that have been ordered
keeping records of goods which have been picked
preparing despatch notes and labels
moving and stacking goods ready for delivery, either by hand or using machinery

compliance with security procedures and health & safety
maintaining the warehouse in a tidy state and clearing away packing material and debris
using computerised systems, barcode scanners and other technology to record goods movement
In addition to these duties, some warehouse assistants may have additional responsibility for:

liaising with manufacturers, distributors and customers
arranging carriage or actually delivering goods to the customer or outlet
quality control of goods in and/or goods out
maintenance of stable conditions or temperatures

  • 2 years experience in manufacturing warehouse company
  • Diligent and trustworthy
  • 6 days working period from 11 AM to 11PM *Must work during public holiday (retail working hours)
  • Salary depends on years of experiences
  • OT will be provided when the salary requested below RM 4,000

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